Visit top management of Beiersdorf

31. august 2022.

  During the first day of the Beiersdorf team′s visit, we had the opportunity to present the top management of DMD Delta in the premises of our company, to introduce them to results, the specifics of the Montenegrin market, but also to make suggestions for business improvement. During the second and third day of the visit, we toured facilities in the territory of Podgorica and Budva.

We received praice for the organization of the work itself, the achieved results, impressive settings on the market      ( especially the blue wall ) and perception of the Nivea brand itself in Montenegro.

We were convinced that the Beiersdorf company in Montenegro not only has a stable and successful distributor, but also a sincere partner who is ready to support all their activities, with which we will have mutual interests.

We also once again received confirmation that the reward for a job well done will never be missed, which further encouraged and strenghtened us, but on the other hand, obliged us to be even better in the coming period, in the order to continue our further growth and development, together with the company Beiersdorf!